HARRY AGGANIS WAY—Reports indicate that earlier today Melissa Walsh (SHA ’17) was walking to class when she was caught off guard by her own reflection in the window of Agganis Arena.

“It was really subtle, but she totally checked herself out, we all saw it,” said Ruben Link (CAS ’16), a bystander of the event.

Studies show that on average 45% of people who pass the window give themselves a full “up-down” as they walk by. An even higher amount stop to adjust their clothing and hair.

“It’s hard not to check yourself out in that window!” said Liz Riech (CGS ‘18). “You’re like walking and then all of the sudden its like ‘Oh, who the heck is walking so close to me’ and then you realize it’s you and you’re like ‘Oh, I look pretty good today.’”

Many students list the giant reflective window as part of the reason why they don’t take the BU Shuttle in the morning, and the window is typically sighted in prospective student tours of BU.

“Ain’t no shame in elevator eyes,” said Stewart Clay (CAS ‘16), the pervy senior who hangs out in west campus.

At press time, Walsh continued on her way to class, only to check herself out once again in the reflective door of CAS.

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