GSU—It has been reported that an elderly ghoul lurks in the background throughout Delta Iota Mu’s sorority recruitment video.

“It’s in literally every shot,” reports the angered sorority President, Kimberly Cross. The ghost was there while we were blowing kisses on the football field, while we were blowing kisses on the beach, and even while we were blowing kisses in the quad! It’s like, get a life, ghost.”

James Cameron, renowned cinematic auteur and director of the recruitment video, was also quite peeved. “I did everything I could to make this video perfect, and the ghost totally messed up the vibe. Uptown Funk is perfect for laughing sorority girls but it does not go well with an 18th century phantasm!”

Fraternities now want nothing to do with the sorority. The Delta Iota Kappa president told The Bunion, “Our frat does three things. We pound brews, smash babes, and avoid the eerie apparitions that linger between life and death. So yeah, we’re staying as far away as possible.”

The opinions of rushees are even being changed by this spooky specter. “I’ve always associated sororities with alcoholism, body shame, and hazing, but never knew bad things like ghosts could be involved,” said Rachel Smaltz, a disillusioned rushee.

Spectators speculate that the unexpected specter may have rejected a rushee from centuries past.

At press time, Delta Iota Mu sorority debated how alive one must be to be considered a true sister.

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