ALLSTON—Sources reported this morning that none of BU’s 15,977 undergraduates were particularly excited to hear that Aerosmith would be performing outside of an apartment building in Allston on Monday afternoon.

“Aerosmith? Really?!” said Kelly Stuber (SMG ‘15). “Wait, what do they sing again?”

BU’s undergraduates, all of whom were born at least 16 or 17 years after the release of Aerosmith’s 8x Platinum album Toys in the Attic, and who all stopped watching American Idol when they were 11 or 12 years old, failed to be excited by the imminent event by the band which holds very minor cultural significance for them or their generation.

“I heard they’re playing outside of their old apartment building,” said James Potts (COM ’12). “That’s pretty cool. I’d go, but I have class at noon. They don’t take attendance, and the mid-term just happened so we’re not really covering anything important, but I should probably go just to be safe.”

“I do really like them, though. Talk This Way is a great song,” Potts added.

Boston City reports that several streets in Allston will be shut down for a few hours during the event and there will be some notable people at the event and a plaque will be commemorated or something.

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