CENTRAL CAMPUS—This morning BU students received news that due to the snowfall which has taken place overnight, no not-classes will not be cancelled today.

“I don’t know how much clearer we can be about this,” said President Brown. “No not classes are not cancelled. Not today.”

Students and faculty on Boston University’s campus are confused by the statements released by the administration. Some are left wondering whether or not they should attend their classes or stay home.

“Those who were admitted to this university should be able to handle a simple double negative,” said Dean Terry Nichols. “They passed the SAT’s didn’t they? These are just basic double, triple and quadruple negatives.”

Boston University’s administration has brought attention to the issue that many colleges face, which is to what extent heavy snow fall affects not-classes.

“We’d rather take a more proactive stance on this one,” continued Nichols. “We don’t want anyone to not feel like they don’t have to go through any not stress or not put themselves in not danger in order to make it to their not classes.”

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