Photoshopped by Michael Yue (CAS '23).
Alex Schaffer

Alex is a graduate student from West Virginia studying in the MS Television program. The first concert she attended was Bruce Springsteen when she was 8, so she has a really strong fist pump.

With Zoom, passing notes is a thing of the past.

With the new model of hybrid classes, both in-person and remote students use Zoom. This has posed new challenges for teachers within the “classroom.” In an effort to mitigate distractions, as well as control students in every way possible, BU has implemented a new technology, known as “The Chat Creep,” that collects student’s private messages exchanged on Zoom during class. 

This is not always a bad thing.  University officials have actually caught students utilizing the private chat rooms to discuss and enhance their learning experience.

Kelsie Devlin

Do you know what he’s saying? My wifi is really bad and I’m trying my hardest to listen, but he keeps breaking up.

Rima Nunez

You’re not missing anything. He just keeps repeating “Can you see it?” over and over every time he shares his screen.

Students have also been observed building meaningful peer relationships through the chat experience.

Kelsie Devlin

Hey do you know when our bio lab is due in this class?

Shane Levy

Uh…this is bio? I thought this was English Lit.

Kelsie Devlin

I can’t believe I slept with you.

University officials express no concern over the chat function’s many possibilities.  “We don’t think the chat room has been a distraction – we think it’s become another tool to help students in their courses,” said President Brown. “We know our students are utilizing it for the right reasons.”

Travis Avalos

This lecture is sooooo boring.

Colby Ellis

I haven’t been listening. I’ve been away from my computer for 30m taking a fat deuce.

Travis Avalos

Oh cool. Can you send a pic?

Colby Ellis

I don’t think you can send pics over Zoom. I’ll just turn my camera on and show you.

University officials will continue to monitor students’ chat activity, comparing results with BC, making it very clear why their standards are so low.

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