One of the many downsides of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the cancellation of study abroad programs. Juniors across BU–and sophomores in ENG–are devastated that they won’t be living in another country to drink, and also go to class. To give students a unique abroad experience, the administration has announced a new addition to the Learn from Anywhere program: BU Here

BU Here is designed to be fully immersive. Students will be housed in HoJo, which is a smelly old hotel, so it will feel like staying in a cheap hostel. HoJo’s coveted air conditioning will allow students to adjust their room to the climate of their chosen destination. Additionally, students will be required to sleep and live based on their destination’s time zone to achieve that authentic abroad feeling of being completely jetlagged and alienated from their friends and family.

BU Here students are encouraged to post on Instagram heavily. Because they are not permitted to socialize with other students, they will be given a tripod, green screen, and list of suggested inside joke captions.

Special activities to enrich the trip will include an archeological dig for ancient quarters to use for laundry and the vending machine famous alum Jason Alexander once got stuck in. Weekend trips to HoJo’s penthouse study lounge will be available for an added cost. The sick students quarantined in HoJo will add a layer of danger, which will be a great subject for a graduate school application essay about a life-altering challenge.

If demand is great enough, BU Here may expand to offer a program at the Fenway Campus, although many are concerned the jet lag will be too hard to get used to.

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