SAO—The latest policies at the Student Activities Organization were announced yesterday, which promised make many of the tasks that go into running a student group easier, except for that, which will actually be much more difficult.

The new rules, which have been put in place immediately, see SAO handling more of the paperwork typically burdened on student groups. Except that, you have to fill that out. This too.

“Oh, no, we can’t help you with that,” said SAO director Simon Phillips. “Please be reasonable.”

These changes have been met with praise from various student leaders who had previously criticized the overly-bureaucratic nature of the organization, and the lack of assistance received from its office.

“It used to be so hard to get anything done here,” said Dear Abbeys’ President Max Stiller (ENG ‘16). “I’m so glad they’re making things easier for us. I haven’t had a show to plan since the new rules, but once I do I’m looking forward to seeing how efficient the process will be.”

Many of the usual fees required for planning events, such as those for the use of Facilities or Student Production Services will also be paid for by SAO. Unless it’s for that, then you have to pay for that.

“Yeah, we certainly can’t pay for that,” said Phillips. “If you stuck to our preset package where you don’t hold an event, we’d be more than happy to help out.”

The coordination between organizations such as Room Reservations and Facilities has also graciously been taken on by SAO, except in your case, you’re gonna have to talk to those guys yourself. SAO has provided the phone numbers you can call, they’re somewhere, go find them.

“I just checked with our business office and you actually owe an additional $127 fee,” Phillips added, “but we’ll be glad to send you the bill.

“On second thought, we actually can’t do that, you’re gonna have to bill yourself. It’ll be under ‘revenue withdrawal’ on OrgSync.”

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