Have you ever been sitting in your South Campus apartment, just waiting to be robbed, when you have a sudden urge for a nice, relaxing bath? Lucky for you, during a tense Socratic Seminar on the subject of “Is water wet?”, KHC students came up with the idea to introduce a communal bathtub to BU. In order to avoid doing any actual work, they reached out to students from the other undergraduate colleges to bring this spa treatment to campus! 

The proposed project will place the bathtub in the center of Marsh Plaza. Since it will be placed two feet from the seal, using the tub doubles as a quintessential BU experience, as bathers must avoid accidentally slip-sliding over the seal after their session. For added security, the tub will be contained in a see-through glass enclosure designed by ENG students, so everyone can watch you bathe, giving you a front-row seat to seeing their jealous faces.

If you like to watch TV while you soak, you’re in luck! COM students have made sure that the tub is outfitted with a flat-screen TV so you can stream any Netflix, HBO Max, ESPN, Peacock, or even BU+ shows while you chill out. And there’s no need to worry about losing track of time, the TV is on an automatic timer that shuts off after 17 minutes. So, right when the main plotline of your favorite sitcom is about to wrap up, it’s time to hop out and let the next student have their relaxation time! 

“I’m really proud about this project,” says Durte Wateur (QST ‘23), “It feels great to give people a place to sit and stew.” 

But the biggest selling part of this venture is the extreme economic benefits. The Earth and Environment Students have calculated that each student will share three and a half gallons of water with four other students. “Unfortunately, my summer trip to bring water to poor villages in Rwanda got canceled because of COVID. Since I had an empty spot on my resumé, I thought this project would be a perfect replacement!” says Showère Cappe (CAS ‘22). 

Additionally, CFA students are carefully gathering the extraneous strands of hair and clumps of soap for their newest mural titled “Just Shower Thoughts”. The SHA students are in charge of the tub’s maintenance and are reassuring bathers that they clean the handle of the spout once a day using Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer. 

Desperate to be included in the project, CGS students have been recruited as testers. Unfortunately, they were unable to get the water running, but project leads accredited that to user error. 

“I am so proud to see my students coming together for a cause near and dear to my lukewarm heart,” says President Brown.

As the QST representative, Cappe is already in talks with serious investors, including the FBI, for some reason? If this idea takes off, there are already plans to expand this project by setting up tubs in the GSU, on the COM lawn, and even in Dean Elmore’s office!

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