CAS—Students at Boston University noticed something different about the infamous teacher evaluations, which are handed out at the end of every semester. They now feature Facebook’s ‘reactions’ instead of the typical “1-5” scale in order to relate to the millennial generation.

“Why even make student’s read numbers? That’s too complicated,” said Sherry Lipton, an administrator at BU. “Something simple. Angry face, angry feeling. Bam. Done.”

Students in the past have found the evaluations to be a burden, not taking the proper time to fill them out. These reactions allow students to get the message they wish to communicate about their professors clear and concise.

“I’m like so annoyed with professors who come into class and complain about how we millennials don’t care about anything and are too engaged our world of technology, It’s like, not true,” said Jim Grady (CGS ’18) as he selected the angry reaction for his Science professor.

Other students found that the reactions were perfect for very specific scenarios from the semester.

“At one point in the semester my professor had us try some sour lemonade to make a point in one of his lectures,” said Marcy Jones (SHA ’17). “So I chose the little reaction with squinted eyes and his tongue out to show that I did not like sour. I think it gets the message across.”

At press time, Professor Suarez was wondering if these were good ‘wow’s’ or bad ‘wow’s’.

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