COLLEGE OF GENERAL STUDIES—At the start of the spring semester, over 300 freshmen joined the BU community through the College of General Studies’ Boston/London Program. Despite rumors that they didn’t have what it takes to start in the fall, these CGS students are proving them wrong through tales of what they did during their time off: the most prominent being how well-rested they are.

Nicole Ring (CGS ‘20) credits her longest nap of the semester—a whopping 13 hours long—to be the proudest accomplishment of her time off. While in the comfort of her own bed in Warren, New Jersey, she was able to sleep over half of an entire day away.

“I wasn’t intending to go to bed, it just happened,” said Ring in an interview with The Bunion. “When I woke up, I was like ‘shit I missed an entire day.’”

CGS students that overheard the interview laughed, considering Ring’s nap “weak.”

Chad Cooper (CGS ’20) claims he has set the unofficial record for sleeping at 27 hours in a row. His roommate, Nico Munroe (CGS ’20), brags about staying on the couch for a consecutive thirty hours.

In true BU fashion, the CGS students have a wide range of talents that go beyond just sleeping. Grady Harris (CGS ’20) challenged himself to extend “No Shave November” to his entire semester off, and now has an uncanny resemblance to Chewbacca.

Los Angeles native Eric Chong (CGS ’20) postmated every single meal of his gap semester, exploring the world through food, without ever leaving his home.

Fashionista Claire Johnson  (CGS ’20) bought all of her dorm room supplies and winter wardrobe online. She then built a fort out of all the cardboard boxes she had to make sure they didn’t go to waste and harm the environment.

These students have captured the spirit CGS Dean McArmour intended for students during the program. McArmour credits these legendary naps and other experiences as incentives that allowed students to “become mature and more eager to dive into classes.”

Clearly, these experiences were fundamental towards CGS students’ college preparation. Fall admits and returning students will continue to envy these life-changing experiences had by their CGS peers while they’re all stuck falling asleep in a cramped lecture chair.

As if three months of nothing but sleep wasn’t good enough, the CGS program gets better. Those well rested students get to spend 6 weeks in London, where they will hopefully leave their dorm rooms to tour historical monuments like the set of the Harry Potter movies and get completely wasted at pubs, all while still getting a semester’s-worth of credit from it.

Crayons Glue Scissors? More like Can’t Get (enough) Sleep.

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