By: Fiona Broadie

When young adults from all around the globe come to Boston University to get woke, they expect to be charmed by an old money city that caters to their every aesthetic and Pinterest wet dream– and they will be. The Boston Public Library, Pavement Coffee, the Common– the list of dark academia beauty around our campus never ends. But nothing tops the George Sherman Union (GSU). Named after Old White Man Number Six-Hundred And Five, the GSU stands proud in central campus as a place to buy overly expensive food, meet up with friends, and live your “insert your name” Wattpad fanfic dream to the absolute fullest. With that, here are my top five moments in the GSU where I truly felt like the main character.

  1. Brushing hands with another student at the Grubhub kiosk. She was tall, raven-haired- and we both really needed to get our hands on some Rhett’s tater tots stat. Yes, I may have shoved her aside when we both reached for the ordering kiosk at the same time– but it’s all about getting a leg-up in that one-hour-wait line, so what do you expect? I felt the spark, though.
  2. Bumping into Dean Elmore in the hallway. What are the chances that I’d be there at exactly the right time? Fate is a mysterious force, constantly pulling our souls in the right direction.
  3. Studying at 11 pm in the back courtroom, and wondering if the GSU ever really closes at all. Because seriously, when does it close? Am I the only one here? The janitor and I lock eyes. He must be wondering who I am. 
  4. Attending a stand-up comedy night in BU central. The comedian was cute so I didn’t laugh at her jokes, I only smiled– to show her I was different.
  5. When the Starbucks barista handed me my drink after two hours of waiting. He smiled, and in that moment I knew that he knew that I was so glad I was no longer waiting. I felt truly seen.

Some people think you need to go somewhere pretty, like a riverbank or an old fancy library, to have the Wattpad moment of their dreams. But they are wrong. The GSU is a romance novel waiting to happen, and it waits for no man… except for me. 

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