Let’s face it, zoom school is hard for all of us. Everyday I click the zoom link with my coffee cup in my other hand, and slouch against my pillows. 

I was particularly exhausted from last week’s Monday 9am, and left my coffee cup on my nightstand out of pure laziness. I didn’t think much of it until yesterday morning when I glanced over to grab a sip of water. 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little fuzzy patch on the lip of last week’s mug. Rather than taking the logical next step of bringing the brown stained cup to the kitchen sink, I let the little patch be. 

This morning I said happy 24 hour anniversary to my new fuzzy friend, and named him Frank.  That’s when I knew we were going to be the best of friends. We all know making friends through your PS101 lecture DM’s is just not the vibe. Sending a message about the photo of their cat in the background can come off as pretty creepy. And how do you even go from there to asking if they want to go on a friend date sometime? 

But even if they did say yes to hanging out, you know they’re just as desperate for friends as you are. Then you have to start by getting to know them by where they’re from and what their major is. When will you be able to send them TikToks without it being weird? I don’t even have to send them to Frank, he voluntarily watches over my shoulder as I scroll through the FYP. Maybe the new friend won’t even have a TikTok. That’s a deal breaker. 

And if you get past all that, once you tell them about your Harry Styles obsession that you developed over quarantine will they friend-ghost you? It’s really hit or miss these days with that quality. Frank happily helped me decide which pictures to add to my regularly updated Harry Styles shrine above my desk. It’s hard to find a person that would help with that. 

With the lack of social opportunities due to covid, I clearly didn’t have many other options. But even if social distancing wasn’t necessary, who wouldn’t want a fuzzy coffee cup as their best friend? No fighting, just simply vibing. 

We’ll see what happens over the next few days though. My suitemate just noticed a funky smell coming from my room, and I’m worried she’s going to make me get rid of my only friend. Then I’ll have to go back to crying to the Fine Line album all by myself. 


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