StuVi II — Sources report that in a recent interview, StuVi II made it known that going forward they think it would be fine to call them Stu.

“Real talk- all this formality is just bleh,” stated Stu. “And besides, StuVi is my father and we are completely different buildings”

While this may come as a surprise to some students, buildings requesting name changes is nothing new for Boston University.

“What many people don’t know is that Myles Standish Hall used to be called Bob Hope Topia,” reported city historian Gilbert Younis. “But when the hall got to the age where they started questioning things we realized, perhaps Bob Hope Topia is not a great name for a building that has no affiliation with the late actor so the hall decided to have a much more Boston-y name.”

However, not all requests are taken as seriously as others.

“Yeah, it’s true, in 2010 I petitioned to be called the VodkaTonic Center,” said the Photonics Center. “Svedka was on board to be a sponsor, it was all super legit. But I was told that name would be misleading.”

“And I was all like, ‘Wanna talk about misleading, I don’t even own a photon! I sleep in a bed mother fucker!” continued the Photonics Center, looking for someone to high five.

At press time Stu was seen singing the Mulan soundtrack while staring at their reflection in the Charles River.

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