This year, MarMon and Easter are extremely close together. Uh oh!

Classes were cancelled to commemorate this sacred day, where a whopping 37 people will actually run the marathon, while every sane Bostonian competes in the more important drinking marathon on the sidelines.

But the weekend festivities don’t just stop with MarMon. The Academic Calendar has dedicated this week to the observance of the Easter holiday as well.

Suzie Martinez (CAS ‘21) was originally upset that she decided not to spend the weekend with her family due to the conflict. After breaking the news to her mom that she wouldn’t be coming home for the holiday, she received an Easter basket with color coordinated peeps and strawberry lemonade Svedka.

Sorority sisters thought up a creative solution for this dual holiday. Rather than hiding plastic eggs filled with candy for an easter egg hunt, each President will hide handles of Smirnoff Ice throughout campus. Exchanging plastic eggs for glass bottles is also great for the environment, and will be counted as their annual philanthropy event. Double yay!

Per usual, Dean Elmore has an answer to this dilemma. When asked how to manage this forced dual holiday, Elmore answered, “Students drinking on MarMon should pace themselves and hydrate throughout the day. You know what’s great for hydration? Holy water. Problem solved.”

Combining two distinct holidays for one day of festivities just to get an extra day of classes? At first we were against it, but honestly now we’re here for it.

But are we just gonna forget about 4/20 and Earth day? Now that’s disrespect!

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