Photoshopped by David Simon (COM '21).
CJ Zachara (COM '21)

CJ is a senior in COM studying Film and Television. He is from Maplewood, New Jersey.

Martin Showid, 35, has spent every night for the past 7 years casually hanging out with students in the lobby of Stuvi 1. He pre-games with the Pie Apple Theta girls while waiting for the Uber, talks to his drunk bros at 3 am waiting for the Domino’s Delivery guy, and even waits with Brad as Chad is still coming in the elevator.

However, Showid is growing curious about the checks he has been receiving in the mail from Boston University every month since he started hanging out on campus. 

“All my friends are paying money to be here but I am getting paid? I feel like I should tell someone,” Showid told The Bunion. “I mention it to my buds and they just laugh.”

Showid added that he was asked by some woman claiming to be his “boss” to wear a white button-down every day, but he usually covers his with a sweatshirt to fit in.

“I’m not sure he even knows he’s a security guard,” said Jill Klein, the hall director. “He makes the students feel comfortable and he doesn’t ask for raises, so we keep him around.”

Students generally love Showid’s presence in their dorm.

“He doesn’t take his job seriously, which would just bring down the Lobby Vibes, ya know?,” said Jessie Srat (SHA ‘22). “He just watches sports and socializes with everyone coming and going all night, he’s so chill.”

At press time, Showid was seen taking a hard-earned nap on the floor behind the security desk. 

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