NICKERSON FIELD — Boston University has been spinning since the first episode of “Love Island COLLEGE!” debuted a few weekends ago. The student body is absolutely thrilled that the successful dating show chose the one and only Nickerson Field to build the villa for their new spin off. 

Everything from the bright pink “Spill The Tea” and “Crack On” signs to the gorgeous view of Mallorca (they put in a green screen) can be seen from the West Campus dining hall. 

“Dinner with a show has never been more real,” says Marianne Jones (CAS ‘22). 

Love Island producers chose the lucky contestants after a series of auditions. Students from every Boston school flooded Agganis Arena to show the producers what they got.

“Cheer me on if you see me makin’ out with the hot engineering girl!” Chad Roland (QST ’21) said. 

This “Engineering Girl”, also known as Sylvia Mundae (ENG ‘23)  has become the talk of the season. She is the only girl on the show not in a sorority, a fact that has proven her a “total wildcard”. Mundae stated that her interview was easy. 

“All I said was that I had big boobs and an even bigger brain and they ate it up,” Mundae said. 

Mundae started the show coupled up with Greg Levan (COM ‘22), but quickly switched to the Chad Roland after the second episode. 

“She’s unpredictable,” Levan said. “I mean who knows if she can read our minds with some technology she programmed into her glasses.” 

Mundae quickly reassured the producers that she does not wear glasses and that Levan is just a dramatic Film and Television student. 

The show is an absolute success thus far. In the next episode the producers will be bringing in “Harvard horndogs and Boston College bitches to stir the pot.” Though that  language is slightly extreme, so is this show. Tune in Monday nights on ABC or find a seat in the West Campus dining hall. You won’t want to miss this. 

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