COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES—After two and a half months in Professor Iteroles’ Introductory Art History course, local student Katrina Phished (CAS ‘22) has finally realized that she was catfished by her professor’s headshot on StudentLink.

“I’m a comp sci major, but I saw the picture of [Iteroles] and I was like damn, I gotta meet this dude,” recounted Phished in an interview with The Bunion. “Slicked back hair, green eyes, a chin dimple I could nap in, and just the right amount of stubble. Who wouldn’t take that class?”

“When I first started the class, he looked really different from the photo,” Phished continued. “I shrugged it off at first and figured it was a bad angle or something, but the more I’ve looked at it over the last ten weeks, the more I’ve realized: I was catfished.”

When The Bunion reached out to Prof. Iteroles for comment, Iteroles insisted that he was not catfishing his students. “The photo is me,” he explained. “All I did was hire a professional photographer, a costume designer, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, a beard stylist, a nose shaper, a facial expression coach, and 10 people just to stand behind me and blow on my hair to give it that natural wavy aesthetic. I also rented a trailer in which I dyed my hair from gray to black and my eyes from brown to green. If actors can do it, why can’t I?”

Iteroles hopes to start a course registration app where instead of signing up for courses just based on their name and time, students and professors can actually swipe right on each other and find a match. “We gotta stare at each other and pretend to like each other for four months, so why not put a face to the name?” Iteroles posited.

“No, it’s not creepy,” he added.

“No, it’s nothing to do with attractiveness.”

“No, seriously, I swear.”

At press time, Iteroles was offered an underwear modeling job based solely on his Terrier card photo.

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