With the recent uptick in corona cases, Halloween is shaping up to be twice as scary with half the fun. A local goth student has found themselves in a spooky situation.

Dean Elmore’s recent Halloween safety advisory to BU has urged students to take precautions and warned against taking any risky actions on one of the top party nights of the year. While most students are feeling conflicted about whether or not they should see their human friends, Bartholomew Lycan (Brett Kline (CFA ‘21) is feeling a bit lost as the email gave no guidelines for interacting with apparitions and beings not of this realm.

“As much as I think human-kind is well-deserving of this plague, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been social distancing,” Lycan stated while hanging upside down in chains on the T, wearing a Normal People Scare Me mask. “But Halloween is the one night I have a year to hang out with my true friends… the ghosts from the Boston Common and King Paimon the demon”.

The email advisory stated to limit to groups of four but does not specify what species this group must be. Must the dead wear masks and sanitize their surroundings? Failure to address these issues shows a complete disregard for those who are undead or otherworldly. For students like Lycan, navigating these situations are the scariest part of Halloween.

Be sure to have a safe Halloween and before you consider summoning any ghouls, make sure they don’t have any other plans.

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