Photoshopped by David Simon (COM '21).

BOSTON — In wake of the recent passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many Boston University students joined the country in mourning the late feminist icon by tweeting “May her Memory be a revolution.” However, The Pinky Toe uncovered that the majority of the students posting those remarks are not registered to vote.

“Her death is a tragedy for women everywhere and now more than ever we must make sure we are getting out to the polls on November 3rd,” Stacey Everhart (CAS ‘23) said after retweeting the quote. However, when asked if she was registered to vote, Everhart explained her conundrum.

“See the thing is I actually started my application but I don’t know my social security number and I’d have to call my parents to ask,” said Everhart. “I just don’t have the emotional energy to deal with them right now.”

Other students seemed to be facing similar issues. 

“Oh yeah I’ve been meaning to do that,” said Carolyn Hill (CAS ‘21) who posted the quote on her Instagram story immediately after hearing the news of Ginsburg’s passing. “I just haven’t had time to open my computer, log onto, and fill out the five minute application. Like I’m pre-med. I literally have no time.” 

Many other students interviewed were genuinely confused about how the registration process works. An overwhelming number of them thought they could register to vote by simply linking the application in their Instagram bio or by following Alyssa Milano on Twitter.

The Pinky Toe would like to note that in the time it took to interview all these students, all of them could have registered to vote, and still had extra time to thirst tweet Bernie Sanders.

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