It started as an innocent experience. Maeve had never had a dog, so she wasn’t really sure how to act when they came up to her. She would shyly pat their heads and push them away.

But one day, a friendly dog’s nose hit the right spot. And…she liked it. She found herself being drawn to people with dogs on the street. She sought out dog parks, and began frequently hanging around them. 

Her friends and family started to notice this pattern. “I just can’t go with her to the dog park,” said her sister Lucy. “She gets kind of weird and squirmy, and when she looks at the dogs, her eyes glaze over. I don’t like it.”

Her friend Stacy has stopped inviting her over. “Maeve is fine at first, but then she just stops talking the second my goldendoodle Fluffy runs over to her,” said Stacy. “And then she starts, like, positioning herself so Fluffy will sniff her crotch? It feels wrong.”

Maeve refused to admit her ‘problem’ was affecting other aspects of her life. “I’m doing great,” she said. “I haven’t gotten this much attention since I accidentally posted a topless video of myself on vacation.”

Maeve hit a low point when she started putting peanut butter on her underwear. It gave her infections and always clogged up her shower. She still didn’t stop. 

Her family found out after she had to redo her plumbing. They forced Maeve to go to therapy. Once she admitted she needed help, she began to recover.

Six months later, her sister submitted her story to Dr. Phil. On the show, Maeve told her story (and was met by a horrified, but slightly curious audience). They then brought out 10 dogs to show her newfound strength.

The dogs took Maeve by surprise. She wasn’t ready for them. They ran to her. As it turned out, Maeve had not stopped her peanut butter habit. 

“No guy will ever go down on me again since my vagina smells strongly of peanut butter and dog treats,” she cried as the dogs swarmed her. “I’ve traded human men for dogs, but I like it too much. I want to keep living this way, and I don’t know why I can’t.”

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