CAS—After entering a history lecture over 15 minutes late, sources confirm that Tom Gadsen (CAS ‘18) made the visible realization that he walked into the wrong class.

Having caused a commotion while fumbling across a row of 5 students to reach an open seat, Gadsen’s eyes reportedly widened in panic upon noticing the chalkboard was filled with the dates of major Roman Empire conflicts, rather than the physics equations he was expecting.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” said Professor Ira Denton, once Gadsen found a seat.

Based on eyewitness reports of his body language, it appears Gadsen is just gonna go with it. It is speculated that he may learn something new about a discipline of study he normally would not have explored and that this could be good for him. Experts agree that if he were to leave it would cause too much chaos in the classroom.

“Yeah, there was no way he was getting out of that class after the disruption he caused when he came in,” said faux classmate Chuck Linden (CAS ’17). “Bold choice though, very bold and I appreciate the commitment out there.”

Gadsen, mortified by his attention pulling entrance, slouched in his chair, took out his notebook, and mimicked writing notes for the rest of the class.

“I looked at his journal and he was just writing the alphabet over and over again,” said Sandy Jandel (ENG ’18), another regular student in Denton’s history class.

“I think I’ll probably pass this class,” whispered Gadsen to the girl sitting next to him, who unwillingly smirked.

At press time, Gadsen looks like he has to go to the bathroom.

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