KILACHAND HALL – Kayla Smith (COM ‘21), reported that her roommate, Gigi Evans (CAS ‘21) has been acting strange lately. The two live in Kilachand Hall on the infamous fourth floor, which has been known to be haunted by the ghost of famous playwright Eugene O’Neill, a resident of the building who died there in 1953.

Smith reported that Evans “will all of a sudden stop in her tracks, as if hit by something” and that “a focused and determined look spreads across her face.” When asked if there was a pattern to when these happenings usually occur, Smith recalled that it was almost always when Evans, a Spanish major, began her Spanish homework.

Evans acknowledged that she has no memory of ever completing her Spanish work, and yet, “it always seems to get done. It’s almost like I wake up out of a dream, and then the work is miraculously completed.” Smith added that, “When Gigi practices her Spanish aloud, her voice changes and becomes a deep, male voice. It’s really weird. I guess she’s just practicing an authentic accent.”

When The Bunion’s field reporter traveled to purgatory to question O’Neill’s decision to possess, O’Neill answered that he “regretted his inability to only speak English,” and decided he “wanted the ability to haunt a more diverse crowd.”

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