President-elect Joe Biden has committed to tackling important issues such as climate change, healthcare, and gender equality. Now, to further demonstrate his support for women’s rights, Biden has committed to wearing a fake pregnancy belly for his first 9 months in office.

The fake baby bump first made an appearance when Biden was out for dinner with his wife at Popeye’s. The president-elect was overheard saying “Make sure you give us extra gravy, I’m trying to work through those pregnancy cravings and all o’ that malarkey!” Shortly after, Biden went to the Lincoln Memorial to pay his respects to the founding fathers of our nation, and also take his maternity photos.

Biden appears to be attempting to get into the minds of expecting mothers. On Sunday, he was spotted at a maternity yoga class where afterwards he spent an hour learning about his fellow moms-to-be. 

After the class, Biden provided a comment: “It was really nice. Ever since watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I’ve always wanted to be a part of a girl gang like that,” he said, before telling Jill “let’s go, hubby.” The President-elect provided no further comment on how the conversation with the mothers went.

When questioned about the fake belly, he said: “Well, I think of our beautiful country as a child, and you know what they say…it takes a village,” as he motioned to his team of advisors surrounding him. 

When asked if he was planning on actually enacting policies concerning maternity leave or reproductive rights, the president-elect doubled over and clutched his bump, exclaiming “It’s kicking!” and was promptly escorted away by secret service.

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