It happens all the time – something that was relatively obscure becomes super popular overnight, causing superiority complexes everywhere to crumble. 

Recently, Spotify users discovered that Addison Rae listens to FKA Twigs. Naturally, many girls with heavy eyeliner and blonde streaks at the front of their hair were enraged. People simply could not fathom that a 20 year old girl would like the same music they (also 20 year old girls) do. 

But, I believe it has gone too far. Gatekeeping used to be a special activity, something that united passionate people for a greater cause. Now, people just do it to be cool – and it must be stopped. It’s time we gatekeep gatekeeping.

I mean, do these kids even know the history behind gatekeeping, and how important it is to stuck-up bitches around the world? Just because you see other people doing it doesn’t mean you need to as well. 

I have been gatekeeping for YEARS, before most of you even knew what it meant. When people said they were fans of One Direction in middle school, I had a 80 question quiz (multiple choice AND open ended questions) lined up to make sure they were truly worthy. 

You think you’re the biggest gatekeeper because you told your younger brother he couldn’t listen to 100 Gecs? Ha! I went to their concert last year and literally stood at the gate. You couldn’t even touch me if you tried. 

The next time you get upset because you’re not the only one who wears dollskill, keep it to yourself. Because if and when you try to gatekeep it, I will be there to stop you. 


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