We have to stop meeting this way, in a small group discussion. I see the way you look at me, or maybe, you’re just looking at your computer screen. When you take attendance, I hear the lust in your voice mispronouncing my name again. It’s OK baby, just call me by yours ;). 

The connection we have is obvious. I believe you said it best, “Wow, it looks like the BU wifi is working well today.” “BU WiFi”, but I know you meant BU wifey. My camera and microphone aren’t the only things turned on ;). 

Sure there’s an age gap, and you have a wife and kids. But am I just supposed to ignore the signals you’re putting out. Commenting on my essay “needs work,” just to get my attention. The past grades you’ve given me this semester are C, A, B, do you want me to call a cab to your house? You can pin me down on your screen any day. 😉 

As the semester reaches an end, I’m worried our romance will fizzle out during break. Especially because during our last meeting, your screen glitched as you said “I’m sorry, I’m breaking up.”

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