BOSTON — With the current political climate, college students have been asking themselves if it is too soon to be a sexy police officer this Halloween.

“It is a major concern that is amplified this year. Students want to show their praise for sexy police officers, but are concerned that the timing of recent events may be an issue” said Akhab Jones (CGS ‘21), student body president. 

Students are divided on this issue. On the one hand, sexy police officers were just voted #4 in Vogue’s Sexiest Halloween Costumes of All Time. On the other hand, people are still supposed to hate cops.

Kayleigh Leanne Smith (CAS ‘21), who has been a sexy police officer each Halloween since birth, stands by her loyalty to the iconic costume.  

“If there was ever a time to sexualize the police, it’s now. There’s nothing sexier than keeping our communities safe from those ridiculous protesters who selfishly want their rights and lives protected. Facts don’t care about your feelings. I will not let these snowflakes stop me from honoring my country by being a sexy police officer this Halloween.”

Chad Cooper (CGS ‘21), President of his business fraternity, broke his silence on this issue on Thursday.

“I want to make sure nobody is discriminated against. All costumes matter,” said Cooper. “Did you not see all the petitions I shared in support of our sexy officers? I’m an ally for all costumes, except those conservative, non-sexy ones; I’ll totally discriminate against those.”

Boston University students had mixed feelings about this controversial issue, and are brainstorming which costumes are more “politically correct.”

Britney Marie Leighann (CAS ‘22) is playing it safe and opting out of being a sexy police officer this Halloweekend.

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