COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES—A senior studying International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences accidentally confused Facebook for a place where people actually care about her views.

After posting about her opinions on the recent bus bombing in Tel Aviv, Christina Dudley (CAS ’12) realized that she had mistakenly posted on Facebook instead of a more legitimate online source.

“I thought that some of my Facebook friends might enjoy hearing how I thought the bus bombing would affect things between Israel and Palestine,” she said, “but then I remembered this was Facebook. I should have posted a LOLcat or a hilarious meme instead.”

Carly Jacobsen (COM ‘13), a Facebook friend of Christina’s, mentioned that she “had only met Christina once, at, like, orientation or something” but that she dislikes anytime Christina posts something political.

“I just use Facebook to, like, check out pictures from parties that I went to last weekend, and photo-stalk the hot guys I’ve hooked up with,” she said, “Oh my God, I just got a notification from Chad. He poked me. Do you think he wants to hook up with me this weekend?”

“Facebook shouldn’t just be about skinny arm pictures and memes,“ said Christina. “It is a great platform for people to express themselves and perhaps change other’s opinions.”

At press time, Christina’s recent status about the state of healthcare in the United States has 0 likes and 0 comments.

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