By: Laura Braudis

With this year’s Winter Olympics in full swing, BU’s own Abigail Breslow (CAS ‘23) knows first hand the dedication it takes to be an Olympian. At only 20 years of age, Breslow’s incredible talent for lying on the couch has propelled her into Olympic-watching stardom. She takes her sport very seriously, only tearing herself from the television during commercials or curling. The Bunion got an exclusive look at Breslow in action during her best event, figure skating.

“That jump is under-rotated!” shouted Breslow while watching the men’s free skate in the comfort of her Bay State Road apartment. 

Reaching into a bag of Lay’s potato chips, she added, “I’m a retired skater. I actually would be competing on the ice in Beijing right now, if only my mom didn’t pull me out of skating classes when I was seven because I hated going.”

Breslow’s roommate Kelsey Johnson (COM ‘23) has been a front-row witness to her outstanding performances.

“She stares at the TV for hours and mumbles ‘Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin, Shaun White,’” Johnson said, awestruck. “Plus, between her and players from our hockey team, it’s just fun seeing so many passionate BU athletes as Olympians this year!” 

To keep her skills sharp during downtime, Breslow stalks Team USA on Instagram and finds ways to work Nathan Chen into every conversation, like during office hours to discuss her failing statistics grade.

Any Olympian can tell you that the road to greatness is hard work, and Breslow’s journey has been no different. She says sacrifice comes with the territory.

“I’m two episodes behind on Euphoria because all I watch are the Olympics right now,” said Breslow. “And do you know how many ads for Marry Me I’ve had to sit through? It’s grueling. But I power ahead.”

At press time, Breslow was seen contacting NBC (the proud home for all US Olympic coverage), hoping her abilities can win her a gold medal. NBC has declined to comment.

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