KENMORE—Reports indicate that after four days, the final participant of the Boston Marathon, a MBTA Green Line Train, has past the finish line thus concluding the Boston Marathon.

“My strategy was sprint really fast, then when I get close to amile marker I stop completely. And then move forward a teensy bit. Then I stopagain. Then I inch forward. Then I stop,” reported the Green Line.

This is a record run for the MTBA system who’s past participants (the red line in 2016 and the Blue Line in 2015) caught on fire and quit to gothe aquarium respectively.

The cherry on top of this incredible accomplishment for the Green Line is that they only hit a record breaking nine people along the way.

“Single Digits, Baby!” Added the Green Line.

At press time the Green Line was seen accepting an award for outstanding achievement presented by the MTBA.

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