It was a gorgeous, snowy day. Sarah Moss (CAS ‘21) was out for a romantic walk with her boyfriend, Richard Small (QST ‘21) admiring snow-covered Comm. Ave when an argument broke out over the amount it snowed last night. This is how it went:

SARAH MOSS: Isn’t this so pretty? I love walks in the snow, holding hands, just enjoying each other’s company! Isn’t it crazy it snowed 4.5 inches last night?

RICHARD SMALL: Wait, wait, wait. I’m pretty sure it snowed more than that! Look how much snow is on the ground!”

SM: Oh that’s what the weatherman said though! Anyway, size doesn’t matter! It’s so nice and soft.

RS: What? It’s rock hard! You’re telling me this was only 4.5 inches? Look at how many inches of solid, thick snow this is! It’s gotta be seven inches at least!

SM: Whatever you say! The amount of inches doesn’t really matter to me.

RS: What is that supposed to mean? Look at this! This is a lot of snow Sarah, especially for how early in the day it is!

SM: Okay, okay! It snowed 7 inches.

At press time, Small was seen insisting that he was 7 feet tall. His doctor has since reached out to The Pinky Toe and stated that he is 5’5, at most.

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