Rhett the Terrier died today. Rhett’s Dad, Calvin Iwanicki, delivered the news today close to noon, via a sign that simply read: “Rhett died today, he loved all of you!” With a heavy heart, students paid their tribute to Rhett, offering Iwanicki their condolences. 

Rhett was 12 years old– 84 in dog years. A great age for Boston Terriers to live to. A fan of the BU Figure Skating Club and Women’s Soccer and Softball team, Rhett would frequently visit them and bring happiness to the athletes and attendees. His permanent smile brought joy to all who saw him.

Despite being an actual terrier, Rhett shared many of the qualities that make people like you and me Terriers. He enjoyed lounging at the George Sherman Union, loved eating the chicken from Raising Cane’s, and couldn’t resist drinking a little bit of beer.

Rhett might have been an unofficial mascot for BU, but for us he meant so much more. For many of us, walking past Rhett reminded us of our own pets back home. It eased the homesickness knowing that Rhett could be found in the GSU link, more than happy to receive all the pats and attention we would love to give to our furry friends back home.

Rest easy, Rhett. Enjoy the feast from that big Raising Cane’s in the sky.

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