FACEBOOK—An unidentified author has created an illegitimate copy of The Bunion’s Facebook page, reports confirmed earlier this week.

The page, which has cleverly branded itself as “The BU Onion”, has made a name for itself among Facebook users by being the only Facebook page that exclusively steals unedited articles originally taken from the Facebook page for The Bunion and publishing them a day later.

“What’s really innovative about The BU Onion is that it appeals to the audience that really likes The Bunion but doesn’t want to actually support the people that write it,” said John Applegate (COM ‘15), one of The BU Onion’s 19 Facebook fans. “Plus, there’s a delay where they post each article the day after The Bunion posts it, and that’s cool.”

“It’s really like a performance art piece,” added Mary Gillis (CFA ’16). “It’s such an original idea to completely copy someone else’s work with such confidence.”

“We really weren’t sure whether we wanted to publicize this impostor page,” said a representative from The Bunion. “But then we realized that they would post the article about themselves the following day, and that that would be really funny.”

“We don’t know what’s going to happen next,” said another Bunion staffer. “There’s a distinct possibility they could just re-post this article without realizing that it’s about them. We’re not entirely sure if they’re self aware. It might be a robot! That would be neat, wouldn’t it? Whatever it is, I hope we find out before the report we sent to Facebook gets processed and shuts down the page.”

At press time, we are very curious to see what will happen next.

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