I just wanted to write this letter because I feel like we haven’t been connecting lately. Maybe I’m overthinking, but I feel like you’ve been avoiding any sort of physical contact with me, besides your elbow. I find myself longing for your touch, but you always seem to be six feet away.

Why don’t you want to be near me anymore? Do you find me gross? I thought you liked it when I was dirty. John will touch me with his fingers, even though you’re better with your hands. Are you not attracted to me anymore? I don’t want to sound clingy, but I really miss our relationship. We used to be so into each other, back when you used to touch me all the time. 

What do you suggest we do to improve our relationship? I don’t want this to end! I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but I thought I always took you higher. I just feel like the doors are closing on us.. Sometimes, I feel like I carry this relationship. We need repairs.

I’ll always be here for you when you decide you’re ready to touch me again.

Forever In Your Service,

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