Photoshopped by Lauren Kelmar (COM '21).
CJ Zachara (COM '21)

CJ is a senior in COM studying Film and Television. He is from Maplewood, New Jersey.

SMALLTOWN, NJ —Ahh, winter break. A great time to unwind between semesters and forget the stress of school. There’s nothing quite like being back in your hometown for the holidays.

Oh? What’s this? My ex from highschool came home for break too? The AUDACITY. To come to MY (our) hometown when I’m here?

She doesn’t even get along with her mom that well, there’s no way she came home for her family. She must be trying to see me, lay eyes on me, and get me back.

She’s positively obsessed. That’s it, this is no coincidence. I wonder if she’s seen my Instagram stories and knows I’m at home decorating my house. I wonder if she’ll text me, or maybe even ask to hang out.

HA, she probably thinks this is fate or something crazy. She was always into that astrology stuff anyway. 

She misses me, I KNOW it. She always smiled when I brought up marriage. Or I obsessed over her stamp collection. Or took locks of my hair every time we hung out. She couldn’t get enough of me.

When she dumped me after I slept on her front lawn waiting for her to get home from vacation, I just knew it wasn’t over, that she’d come crawling back. I just didn’t think it would take this long. 

She knows exactly what she’s doing crashing my break like this. Trying to get in my head. I’ll just go sit outside her house, as a treat. Or maybe I’ll even send her a little note to let her know I’ve been waiting. 

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