By Laura Braudis

In an emotional 15 minute car ride down Comm Ave to her childhood home in Newton, Massachusetts, Naomi Hayward (CAS ‘25) tearfully said goodbye to her beloved Boston University. 

“I’ve wanted to live in Boston ever since I got baptized on a Duck Boat with Charles River water when I was a baby,” said Hayward. “I’ve grown accustomed to the city’s energy.”

Hayward took advantage of everything Boston had to offer during her first semester at BU, like Urban Outfitters on Newbury Street, Tatte on Beacon Street, and Sunset Cantina on Comm Ave. Additionally, she loves BU’s amazing location right next to Fenway.

“I’m a die-hard Boston sports fan,” said Hayward, who has loyally bandwagoned the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins in every postseason run since 2011. She keeps a blurry photo of Tom Brady on her camera roll from the 2017 Patriots parade to show off during frat parties.

After barely four months of campus living, Hayward “knows the city like the back of her hand” and proudly considers herself a true Bostonian because of her vast knowledge of Boston’s unknown, local spots.

“She took us to the cutest hole-in-the-wall place in the North End called Mike’s Pastry,” said Caroline Richards (CAS ‘25), a friend of Hayward’s. 

On the long trek home to Newton, Hayward described her trip as “taxing” after red lights added five whole minutes to the drive back. 

“I hate Newton,” said Hayward, who has not been to her house since her last biweekly visit to do laundry, steal silverware, and drink milk without fear of being harassed in the dining hall. Adjusting her Vineyard Vines quarter-zip and kicking off her LL Bean boots, she added, “I’m just not meant for the suburbs, y’know?”

Although Hayward claimed through tears that she needs the “daily rush of nearly getting hit by the Green Line to function properly,” she was last seen blasting Taylor Swift’s “Tis the Damn Season” and manifesting a run-in with her high school ex.

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