Maddy Mermelstein (COM '20)

Maddy is Junior from Newton, MA, studying Film and Television and Sociology. Fun fact: She can take the T home!

COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION – Yesterday, The Bunion received word of a disturbing snapchat story from Film & TV major and local bad decision maker Amy Evans (COM ‘19) stating that she intends to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador, aka she does not intend to participate in BU’s Los Angeles study abroad program.

When reporters from The Bunion asked Evans why she would possibly make such a stupid, life-ruining decision, Evans answered, “Everyone keeps telling me that I have to go to LA. I considered it for some time since that seems to be what everyone else is doing. My advisor told me to go also, saying that it’s the ‘best’ program and everyone who does it loves it. Anywhere I go in COM, I see signs for BULA plastered on the walls.”

Evans continued, “I have made the decision to not do BULA. I know that it separates me from my classmates, but I’ve always wanted to go to South America so instead that’s what I’m going to do. Plus, LA isn’t even abroad??”

Rachel Singer (COM ‘19), a classmate of Evans, said that she is “Obviously gonna change her mind and do BULA. It’s like pretty much the only reason to be a Film & TV major at BU.”

Singer’s friend and fellow classmate Julia Shear (COM ‘19) said of Evans’ decision, “I just saw that she’s not going!! It’s like kind of revolting. Honesty she should drop out or like switch to ENG or something.”

Evans was last seen questioning her paradoxical existence as a Film & TV student outside her FT310 classroom.

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