I was in a great mood so I decided to check my horoscope. Then, Co-Star told me I was having a terrible day. 

Every morning I check my Co-Star which ultimately determines my mood for the entire day. Today, I decided to live a little and not check the app until mid-day. The day was going great: I got an A on my exam and finished my homework. Then I checked my horoscope. 

Trouble with social life. But, I just saw my friend? Trouble with sex and love. What’s new? Power in spirituality. What the hell? 

Co-Star is vague enough to be entirely accurate and vague enough to never be wrong. Somehow when Co-Star tells me to check my ego all of a sudden I am this confident lioness. Meanwhile, minutes earlier I was using self-depreciation as a way of coping with stress. 

But, Co-Star predicted that I am stressed this week? It’s midterms week. But, Co-Star told me I am alienated this week.? It’s a global pandemic. But, Co-Star said I have social anxiety? But, so did your therapist. 

Congrats Co-Star for predicting a college student is stressed during mid-terms. 

Co-Star seems accurate because they include these visuals of stars and moons aligning so people (like me) immediately assume everything is scientific on the app. Like Co-Star, I guess I can also include an image of a pear and a naked body at the bottom to get more people to read this article. 

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