Photoshopped by Michael Yue (CAS '23)
Reid Phillips (COM '22)

Reid Phillips is a Film & TV major from New Jersey, and is therefore an unapologetic Chris Christie stan. When not busy writing fake articles, and acting like it's hard, she can be found blankly staring at her computer in the library with an unopened textbook.

“Netflix and Chill.” The experience is usually pretty standard: go to his place, turn on a movie, don’t watch that movie, leave to go tell your friends about it over a bottle of cheap wine. That was, until IT happened. 

My name is Reid Phillips. I survived “Netflix and Chill” with a Film major, and this is my story. 

It started off normally, with a lazy Tinder message like “u up sexy?” at 10:30pm on Thursday night. I put on my one real bra, brushed my hair, and headed on my way. 

When I got to his place, something was immediately off. Most guys have a sink full of dishes,  and an inexplicable dent in the wall. He had posters of Alfred Hitchcock movies, and not a misplaced plate in sight. 

He had already been watching Pulp Fiction, and said that I could watch too, even though “it would probably go over my head.” As the movie played, his eyes were glued to the screen. At one point, I even looked over and he was mouthing along to Samuel L. Jackson. 

After I realized he wasn’t going to be making the first move, I attempted. But, my advance was rebuked. He asked why I was trying to distract him, and proceeded to mansplain the ending. 

About 45 minutes in when John Travolta was stabbing Uma Thurman, I decided I should at least leave with my dignity. I loudly got up and left, his eyes never leaving the screen. 

Though I was fortunate enough to survive this encounter, I know there are many girls who aren’t as lucky – girls who have to watch the entirety of a Scorsese film, and don’t even get a hoodie out of it. 

I can only hope that my story inspires other girls to move past these pretentious monsters, and onto toxic frat boys, for the sake of womankind. 

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