700 COMM AVE— Students took to social media this past week to mourn the loss of BU landmark Jamba Juice.

“This is so upsetting,” wrote Michelle Digby (COM ‘19). “Jamba Juice got me through freshman year and literally only freshman year. Like literally that one time I got a smoothie there out of curiosity.”

The Warren Towers Jamba Juice closed during the Summer 2 session, to the complete surprise of incoming freshmen who had just found out it existed, and the mild bemusement of the BU students who vaguely knew it was there.

“It’s a shame, really,” posted Brad Chandler (CAS ‘21). “I’m gonna miss cutting through Jamba to get to the escalators. I never stopped to buy anything but the bored workers counting spots in the ceiling seemed alright.”

Dining Services has revealed that the Jamba Juice will be replaced by a Healthy Blends, a smoothie bar in FitRec that is already getting “constant business” and “making lots of money,” unlike the now-defunct Jamba Juice, whose core demographic seemed to be high schoolers on campus tours and parents moving their kids into Warren during that one week of September.

Although unconfirmed, rumors circulating around campus say Healthy Blends’ introduction into East Campus is part of an overarching “West Agenda” that aims to tilt BU’s balance of power to West Campus. From moving the bookstore to West to building the ugly Jenga tower in East, is the death of Jamba the latest sign of East Campus’ demise?

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