Feeling sad because COVID cancelled all your favorite summer events? Craving some summer fun with your friends before the weather gets too cold? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Follow these helpful tips to turn your suite (or dorm or apartment!) into the commune featured in the hit film Midsommar (2019)!

1. Wear You Best White Flowy Attire
Getting the aesthetic right is crucial to pulling off a successful Midsommar experience. Make sure everyone wears white-on-white outfits with lots of embroidery and flower crowns in order to really set the scene. It’s basically Coachella!

2. Do Some Psychedelic Drugs
Once you’re all dressed and ready to go, have everyone take some shrooms (psychedelic tea is also an option for the mushroom-averse). You’ll know it’s working when the weird carpet in your room starts to grow through your hands. This step is super important, as it will create the vibes necessary for your later activities. Bonus points if one of you has a bad trip and runs away from your building!

3. Choose A May Queen From Your Roommate Group
No Midsommar recreation is complete without crowning a May Queen! You can set up a broom or a floor lamp to function as your May pole, and then let the games begin! Dance around the pole until only one of your roommates is left standing. Then adorn her with flowers and follow her around. If she cries, you cry with her. You worship her now.

4. Make A Human Sacrifice Or Two
Perhaps most importantly, your Midsommar commune experience must include some human-sacrificing! While some of the sacrifices can be outsiders whom you invite over, the May Queen may also select from within your suite, so don’t take her food, talk on the phone while she’s trying to do homework, or do anything else to get on her bad side!

Let us know how your Midsommar experience goes in the comments, and stay tuned to learn some fun activities you can do while babysitting the girl from Hereditary next week!

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