We are still in a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop engaging in your fantasy of pretending to be the main character in a coming of age film. 

One of the most important parts of being the main character is crying in public locations. However, mask mandates have removed some of the thrill of public crying, since the strangers walking past you on the street aren’t able to see your full range of emotions. 

So how can you still remind everyone that you’re the main character, while abiding by COVID rules you may ask? We have come up with some easy steps you can take.

1. Pick Up The Pace

Crying on a dramatic walk is a staple of being the main character, but it’s really hard to signal to strangers that you’re the star if half of your face is covered! To add some variety, pick up speed until you are full on sprinting and brushing past pedestrians. They’ll have no choice but to focus on you.

2. Step Into The Spotlight

Public crying in coming of age films are normally confined to somewhat deserted spaces (because you want to be seen, but you don’t want people to know that). However, that has to change. Start sitting down in crowded, well-lit spaces to get the attention where it belongs, on you, and your climactic moment of self reflection.

3. Spread Out

Are your public cries usually in a normal sitting position? Time to switch it up! Sprawl yourself over that public bench, sit upside down, anything to attract the gaze of passerbyers. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

4. Clarity

While clear masks aren’t very practical, they are great at signalling to pedestrians that you are having a climactic moment. As the mask gets foggier, more people will begin to notice. You’ll have a unique subplot quicker than you can say “Ladybird!”

5. Get Loud!

They say when you lose one sense, the others heighten. People won’t be able to see you crying, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hear you! Scream, yell, grab a microphone if possible – make sure you have the attention of the side characters.

Just because we are in the end times does not mean you have to sacrifice your character development! 

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