This fall is the perfect time to exploit the seductive nature of wire fraud to be the trendiest accessory to your mysterious, hot girl look. 

Wire fraud has long been known as the sexiest of larceny crimes. The steamy prince who wants to fly you to his castle, as long as you send him the $75,000 he needs to get your plane ticket is just so compelling. 

Or seductively sneaking into a Silicon Valley start-up with your charming wit and loads of that good scammed-off-of-investors money.

Or even advancing your education (intelligence is the sexiest part of a woman) by sliding up in a college admissions officer’s DMs, they really need the action and you might even get to pretend to play an obscure sport! Trust me, the 60% of ladies at BU understand the appeal of a classy fraud. 

Pairing a tantalizing case of wire fraud with your most Christian Girl Autumn aesthetic is the best look for those days where you just want to be cozy, you know. Buy yourself that weighted blanket; you conned a business major out of $120,000 by posing as an NSA agent, you deserve it!

For my political science majors I definitely recommend going for the government official vibe. To go a bit further, go all out: get badges, suits, really dress up for the part and live in it. Everyone loves a bit of roleplay. 

The key to a tasteful wire fraud scam is all in the set up. It’s the cat and mouse game that really gets you in the mood for cuffing season. The chase is just so exciting! Imagine finding the perfect prospect and learning their darkest secrets in order to capitalize on them later; it’s invigorating and adds a little pumpkin spice into your life. Except we’re not trying to trap a man/woman/lizard/person, the real prize is that $150,000 we’re trying to squeeze out of them. 

If you are not ready to create the most elaborate and believable story to get that coin, like the girlboss of fraud herself Lori ‘Aunt Becky’ Loughlin did, you will just have to wait for White Collar Crime Winter to really let loose. 

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