As a young woman in college, it can be challenging to impress your professor while still remaining attractive to your male peers. Follow these steps so you can get an A+ in participation and in getting a boyfriend!


1. Start With A Compliment And If You Can’t Think Of One, Lie

Once a guy hears praise, everything else you say will go in one ear and out the other. However, finding something good about a classmates’ work can be the hardest part of class. Try to choose something small so your lie sounds more convincing, like complimenting his spelling or the font.


2. Avoid Negative Language

Boys today are so sensitive. Instead of “your writing was boring and offensive,” try “your writing lacked entertainment and seemed to say some things that were maybe not super appropriate.”


3. Put Down Your Own Work So He Knows Even Though His Is Bad, Yours Is Worse

This lets him know that he’s better than you, which he will find hot and irresistible. 


4. Devalue Your Own Thoughts

An easy way out of sounding too aggressive is saying that you’re probably wrong. Remind the class that your brain is just so small and cute, you don’t have enough room to understand what he’s doing.


5. Wear Light, Pastel Colors So As Not To Seem Bold, Dominant, Or Stand Out

If you’re on zoom, also try angling your camera up high so you look small and weak. When you have no choice but to share your actual intelligent thoughts, this will make sure you appear adorably meager. 


6. Blink In Morse Code

Take a lesson from our foremothers. Use code to communicate to the guy that you don’t really mean what you’re saying.


7. Bring Attention To Your Mouth

Drink through a straw, bite your lip, anything that will distract the guys from the fact that you’re tearing their work to shreds. And remember, ladies, smile!


8. Contradict Everything You Just Said

When all else fails, it’s always safe to end with a “but yeah overall I loved it, it was perfect, there was nothing wrong, seriously change nothing!”


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