Snowy season is upon us, which means photoshoots in the snow are right around the corner. Getting that fire insta pic seems easy, but every girl has iPhone portrait mode and a typical cute snow outfit. Here’s how you can dress on a snow day with a totally unique look, top to bottom!


Everyone will be wearing a hat to keep their head warm in the cold, that’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to have a hat with a poofy, fuzzy pom-pom on top. No one else wears one like this so you’ll stick out with the cutest hat on the street. Or, really throw everyone off and wear fuzzy earmuffs. 


Having the right jacket is important to ensure you stay warm during your 10 minute stroll to Bay State Road to take pictures. Too heavy and you’ll sweat, too light and you’ll freeze. Not many people know this, but Canada Goose is a really solid brand to choose! They make awesome jackets and plus, they have hoods with fur that will help keep you as warm as the wolf it was ethically stolen from. 


Shorts, probably.


Your mom probably bought you some snow boots with fur sticking out of the top which are totally cool! Wear them. There’s also this little known brand called L.L. Bean that makes boots that work in snow.. They’re new and trendy and everyone will notice how cool you are if you get them! You could get cute fuzzy socks to complete the look.


Gloves are an acceptable option (as long as they’re fuzzy or wool!) However, you should be a trend-setter with these cool things called mittens. You’re guaranteed to get 5x as many comments on your post if you wear mittens because everyone will want to hear about them.

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