CENTRAL—Monday, BU’s population tried to go about their day while a tragedy unfolded: RadioShack’s sign slowly flickering and dying. The electronics store has closed its doors for the last time.

“God it’s just so morbid! Like, I never bought anything there, but I don’t want to watch it slowly die in broad daylight. It’s just horrible,” remarked John Gelman (SHA ’17).

Students passing by on the sidewalk averted their eyes, or took alternate routes altogether, just to avoid the sad sight.

“The signs just got more and more desperate, too. They were like: Everything must go! We mean it! Take the walls, dammit! So, so sad,” Gelman continued.

Some students’ morning processes were quite dramatic, laying flowers at the front window and weeping as they passed central campus. Others were subtler, barely shedding a tear. Others, still, didn’t seem to care at all.

At press time, officials from RadioShack thanked everyone for their patronage, except that one guy who slapped the cashier before yelling “RadioSmack!”

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