We here at Hillel would be honored if you could maybe– just maybe — join us for coffee. And guess what? It’s on us! We don’t really ask for much from you, so we insist–lightly, of course- that you let us treat you!

We just want to get to know you. We won’t dive that deep during our conversation, we just want to talk about school, life, and why you love Judaism. Did I mention you can choose where we go for our coffee?

Now, here’s the fun part! We are implementing a new format to our coffee convos. We will buy you one cup of coffee (under $3, obviously), and you have to make it last over the course of our quick, eight day conversation!

Obviously, there’s a point to this challenge, so we’ll get to the good stuff. If you end up making your one cup of coffee last for the eight days we spend talking to you, you will be allowed to join Hillel and I won’t have to resign as the head of outreach! L’chaim!

To ensure that you haven’t cheated, we will be measuring your coffee levels and doing taste tests to compare to the day before. While you’re waiting for results, we’ll engage in some light conversation about you coming to Shabbat this Friday.

Remember: the Jews didn’t cheat when they made challah last eight days, so you can make this cup of coffee last! Don’t let us down, and more importantly, don’t let yourself down.

We really hope you come join us for coffee. It’ll be fun! And we really need this. No pressure! Please come.


  1. I can’t tell if the part about the challah lasting 8 days was a joke or just factually inaccurate…

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