GSU—It’s only 10AM but Mark Boister (ENG ’17) is already hard at work. With only the aide of a sheet music app on his phone, Mark plays medleys of hit songs such as Adele’s Someone Like You, Imagine by John Lennon, and The Super Mario Kart theme song.

“I started off practicing on my own in the soundproof music rooms on campus,” said Mark. “There’s something about doing it in front of people who don’t ask to hear it. There’s an energy in the room when I play. I’m a part of someone’s day.”

After a grueling 2-hour performance, Mark finally gets to meet his fans. He shakes hands with a family that got separated from their tour group.

Alice Feadman (CGS ’16) thinks back on the first time she heard Mark play.

“I was on my way to grab some Starbucks when I got a call from my mom saying my dog died. That’s when Mark started playing Let It Go from Frozen.”

Student Activities caught onto the rising star a few weeks ago. “Yeah, we could sense the students really loved him,” said Megan Trotter, office manager. “We’re using most of our budget to keep him going. We’re here to support what’s important to you guys.”

At press time, Mark was seen playing Bohemian Rhapsody.

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