EAST CAMPUS—A group of confused students were the victims of an unfortunate mix-up early last night at 100 Bay State Road.
Sources claim that five unidentified BU freshmen wearing tight shirts, revealing pants, and leggings were seen entering the Rize Café in the basement of the Center for Student Services at around 4:30 p.m. yesterday. One eyewitness overheard some of the students as they entered the café. “I guess we didn’t have to get here so early after all. This line isn’t nearly as bad as they said it would be,” remarked one female student covered in body paint, shortly before her friend approached the cashier and assured her that their names were on the list.

Witnesses believe that the students were headed to Club Rise in Back Bay; this theory soon became reinforced by the students’ visible realization that people in the surrounding area were eating salads and not dancing as they had been anticipating. Sources say that some outrage followed. “Tim tricked us!” one student was overheard shouting. “Alright, I guess I’ll take an everything bagel.”

The students purchased various goods from the establishment before returning to their dorms disappointed. Bunion reporters are still investigating possible correlation between this incident and reports of hungry BU students spotted at Club Rise last night looking for cupcakes.

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