ALLSTON—On Saturday, a group of independent young women slipped into exactly the same outfit, drank 3 shots each, and set out on their own personal journeys in an Uber XL.

One of the women, Taylor Smith (CAS ‘17) told us, “We really are just exploring ourselves as separate entities when we go out.” as she adjusted her black top, which all 5 other girls also wore. The group interestingly chose to pair their black tops with black pants and black heels.

Stacy Harris (CAS’17) poured shots for the group before the Uber arrived. “If we all drink three shots of Malibu, we all will be the same! So it’s like none of us drank anything!”  She also made sure to point out that everyone had their own distinct Disney princess shot glass.

At the party, every woman in the group went up to the DJ, on her own, to suggest what ended up being the same Drake song. “It all means something really different to each one of us.” said Britney Small (CAS ‘17).

At press time, the group of truly liberated young ladies loudly recounted stories from the party until their voices merged into one, feminist chord of pure sound.

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