Photo taken by Young Lee (COM ’21)
Jeremiah Broderick (CAS '20)

Jeremiah is a junior in Cinema and Media Studies from Worcester MA.

BU CENTRAL—Green line conductor Richard Grimes feels it is unnecessary for him to avoid hitting all of the students who pass in front of his train on his daily route along Comm Ave.

“I just think that there seems to be an awful lot of them and they don’t move out of the way when I’m coming, so do I really have to stop for every last one?”

His idea has a growing amount of grassroots support in the area. A bystander to Grimes’ usual route James Crean (COM ‘20) described the typical scene that occurs every day as he rushes to his 12pm lecture.

“It’s always crazy. The guy in the train blows this really scary horn and like most people get that there’s a train coming, but a couple of them just stand there with big dumb eyes, looking around with their mouths open like they don’t get the concept of a train.”

Grimes assured us that even though his plan would probably take a few lives, he wasn’t a monster.

“It’s not like I’m going to hit all of them or just crash straight through the middle of the pack, but if there are a few stragglers, let’s just say they better hope their wheeley backpacks don’t get stuck on the tracks.”

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